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Stories From Manufacturers Who Have Diversified Into Clean Energy Industries

CEMC is a comprehensive, 'one-stop shop' to find information about the industry, and how to make one's business most effective and efficient. It can be useful for many end results (business recruiting, internal business improvement, etc.).

Tennessee Manufacturer Tennessee Manufacturer

Our company started moving into the wind industry in early 2010, and we were 90 percent automotive  I thought we could enter this wind market and substantially increase our business. It was very, very difficult to get anyone to communicate. After a year, I didn’t have any new business... I thought the steps I had taken were pretty solid, but I really needed help with some networking... because that was our roadblock.

We started with the Wind Profile Capability process... We got specific introductions made, and received specific contacts. This has assisted in confirming, and in some cases reconsidering, what my market targets originally were. It has definitely helped me establish further networking contacts within the industry, and helped me get feedback from the existing contacts that I had. It has encouraged me to continue my development and action plans, and I have a consultation once in a while with one of the wind industry specialists about what I have tried and next steps. The industry is very challenging; there are pretty crazy market dynamics. Persistence is key and you need to know what you are getting into, but the Wind Profile process could speed up your process, and I wish I would have done it earlier!

Illinois Manufacturer regarding their process of entering the wind industry Illinois Manufacturer regarding their process of entering the wind industry

The wind energy workshop was quite possibly the best workshop I have attended. Very direct, informative and inspiring. Many times I leave workshops, conferences and seminars feeling confused, lost and very uninvolved. The clinic yesterday on supply chain has me excited... Anything I can do to help, please let me know.

West Virginia Manufacturer West Virginia Manufacturer

When Todd Owen and president/CEO Gary Schuster looked at OMCO’s nearly-empty 65,000-square-foot Phoenix facility in 2009, they asked themselves if the company would ever fill up that factory floor with enough business to justify their investment in the new solar industry unit. It didn’t take long to get an answer. “We started putting out what we thought was a healthy amount of materials for First Solar’s utility-scale power projects, and within a year we were over 100 people out of this facility, running 24/7,” recalled Owen, now director of the company’s dedicated solar division.

That was just the beginning of the solar-fueled expansion for the traditionally transportation industry-oriented custom roll-form steel firm once known as the Ohio Moulding Company. Within two years, the original P1 facility was bursting at the seams, with every available square inch dedicated to meeting the ever-increasing demand for module clips, mounting tables, and the like that serve as the structural backbone of First Solar’s growing 2.7 gigawatt pipeline of projects. Hiring for a variety of skill sets accelerated—from ace roll-formers and former Tier 1 auto industry stampers to dedicated maintenance and logistics personnel—and OMCO Solar’s employment rolls grew by leaps and bounds, often drawing from the ranks of recently laid-off factory workers.

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OMCO, transportation company, finds success in Solar Industry Supply Chain OMCO, transportation company, finds success in Solar Industry Supply Chain